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2018-02-25, 15:43

Royal wedding details

2018-02-26, 12:56

"The agreed overall cost of the wedding was said to be around £20m altogether. Due to inflation, that’s probably around £22.3m in 2017.  In addition, the extra public holiday for the event is estimated to have cost between £1.2m and £6m. This is due to the overall slow down in production." - The verdict

There has actually been a lot of controversy around this, the general public says that millions of pounds are needed for security alone, (arguably) this will come from the taxer. 

Just a few months ago, the Grenfell disaster occurred in London where many lives were lost and homes were completely destroyed because "the council refused to pay an extra £5,000 for fireproof cladding."

You can probably guess why not everyone is excited about the royal wedding.

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2018-02-26, 13:38

Holy cow thats a lot money! Very understandable that something doesn't seem to be right there. Their priorities seem to be off.

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