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Starbucks Closes Nearly 8,000 Stores Today

2018-05-29 17:01 #0 by: Tammie

Starbucks temporarily closes nearly 8,000 stores today for a company wide training session on racial bias. 

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Starbucks Owner Howard Schultz envisioned creating an environment similar to what he found in Italy when there on a visit some years ago. An environment where people gather between home and work. However, there have been several recent incidents in the news that has prompted him to temporarily close for today's training session. 

Photo by Szymon Jarocki on Unsplash

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2018-05-29 19:03 #1 by: jordan

That is a lot of stores! I found the part about the third place pretty interesting, as I had never thought about coffee places as anything other than a quick stop. It makes sense then that they want to make it as inclusive as possible.

2018-05-29 20:37 #2 by: Leia

Great to see they are trying to tackle wider problems, hopefully, other companies will follow.

All the best, Leia

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