IGN sack writer over plagiarism row

2018-08-13 19:06 #0 by: jordan

Popular gaming and entertainment website IGN has sacked one of their writers after they discovered that they were copying other content found online.

Claims of plagiarism started to arise as YouTuber Boomstick Gaming noticed a number of similarities in IGN's video review of 'Dead Cells' which closely followed his comments made before.

After a brief investigation IGN cut ties with the Author and apologized to Boomstick Gaming. Shortly after they made an announcement via Twitter, stating that the game will be re-reviewed later this week.

Read more about about the controversy here.

It's a shame that stories like this arise, but it does make me wonder how many other cases this can be applied due to how much information is out there on the internet.

2018-08-14 11:14 #1 by: Niklas

I'm sure the vast majority of plagiarism cases are never caught because no one checks them. I remember that once a university student copied an online HTML course of mine and just put his own name on it. He passed the course because no one checked. :-)

2018-08-15 20:53 #2 by: jordan

#1 Wow thats shocking! How did you find out in the end?

2018-08-16 07:27 #3 by: Niklas

The course was very popular and used in schools and universities, so I Googled phrases from it from time to time just out of curiosity. Things like that happened. I used to get email from people telling me about plagiarism too.

2018-08-16 19:39 #4 by: jordan

#3 I imagine it must be pretty harrowing seeing it! I personally could see myself getting aggravated by it.

2018-08-17 06:59 #5 by: Niklas



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