Iceland Advert BANNED

2018-11-15 12:55 #0 by: Leia

UK Supermarket, Iceland, recently released its 2018 Christmas advert, but this was quickly banned from being broadcasted on TV.

The commercial was banned for being too political and has since received massive attention online.

A lot of people have been posting/sharing the Iceland Ad for palm oil and its effects on orangutans and although the ad is amazing for raising awareness it doesn’t help us if we don’t shop at Iceland. So for those of you who are interested, I’ve done a little research and this video that Chester zoo created was is also very helpful -

So first of all, it’s not just the orangutans that are being affected by the palm oil industry. With around 300,000 different animals living in the jungles of Sumatra and Borneo, the list of species affected is long and includes those such as the Malayan Sun Bear, Sumatran Tiger, Sumatran and Bornean (Pygmy) elephant, Clouded leopard and Sumatran Rhino. This just emphasises the extent of the damage.

So what is needed is the demand for Palm oil to decrease and WE can do that! All WE need to do is read the labels in the foods WE buy from our supermarkets and knowing what foods are the usual suspects. Now I’m not saying raid your cupboards and bin everything you have, but use what you have now, and next time you shop check the labels so that they either don’t contain palm oil or instead, use sustainable sources.

A few examples of typical foods containing palm oil are:

Instant noodles/pasta
Ice cream 
Pizza doughs

Now what might be tricky (apart from maybe having to ditch some of our favourite brands) is that palm oil isn’t always stated as such in the ingredients labels. Therefore, the list of things to look out for is HUGE, too much to remember off the top of your head, so I’ve compiled a small list of the most common names/derivatives to get people started.

Anything containing the word ‘PALM’ is obvious, however, PKO/ FP(K)O, Elaeis gunieensis, Glyceryl and the vague wording of ‘Vegetable Oil’ are ones to look out for. Also, you may want to investigate those with words containing ‘stearate’, ‘stearyl’, ‘cetyl’ and ‘cetearyl’.

 I know that’s quite a bit to get and many might not care but for those of you who do care, I hope this has helped... now WE can do a small part to help save our worlds endangered species, one shop at a time!

#PalmOil #Change

All the best, Leia

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2018-11-15 13:53 #1 by: Niklas

I thought it was an unusually good and thoughtful ad. A little gloomy, but it gets the message through. Who banned it?

2018-11-16 20:07 #2 by: Leia

It was simply not allowed to air because the law states “An advertisement contravenes the prohibition on political advertising if it is: An advertisement which is inserted by or on behalf of a body whose objects are wholly or mainly of a political nature.”

All the best, Leia

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2018-11-16 23:21 #3 by: jordan

#1 I'm not entirely sure, but I think it was our television standards agency OFCOM. It really wasn't political and brought to light what already is a serious problem.

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2018-11-19 17:03 #5 by: Leia

#3 The video was made by Greenpeace Internation, a NGO who self claims they "work to bring about change through political lobbying" hence it being 'too political' 

All the best, Leia

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2018-11-20 10:08 #6 by: Niklas