False rumors of dolphins in Venice canals

2020-03-21 11:30 #0 by: Evelina

It’s sad to hear that the viral tweets spreading rumors that dolphins were swimming in Venice canals were in fact false, as reported in the National Geographic:

“These reports of wildlife triumphs in countries hard-hit by the novel coronavirus got hundreds of thousands of retweets. They went viral on Instagram and Tik Tok. They made news headlines. If there’s a silver lining of the pandemic, people said, this was it—animals were bouncing back, running free in a humanless world. But it wasn’t real.”

“These fake feel-good stories, Vogel says, can make people even more distrustful at a time when everyone already feels vulnerable. Finding out good news isn’t real “can be even more demoralizing than not hearing it at all.”


Photograph credit: ANDREA PATTARO

2020-03-23 11:04 #1 by: Niklas

Sort of on the same subject, reports of China's air quality improving because of Corona still seems to be correct.

» Coronavirus: Nasa images show China pollution clear amid slowdown - BBC News


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